We are long-term oriented by nature.

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We are a value investment firm founded on the simple principle that a focused investment strategy and a long term attitude yields attractive, compounding returns to patient investors.

We enjoy our relationships with like-minded investors and view them as our partners in long-term wealth creation. schutt capital logomark

We believe success is the culmination of many small wins, one after the other.

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Our Strategy

Value + Opportunity

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Value Investing is a time-tested method that relies on logic and hard work to identify attractive investment opportunities. In practice, our approach entails:

  • Rational, independent, flexible thinking
  • Relentless focus on understanding businesses and assets
  • Determination to seek out opportunities, often in areas overlooked by the broader market
  • Flexibility to invest outside of public equity markets




The opportunity set is not equally good at all times, and there is not predictability of when and where opportunity arises. We believe there are times to be patient and prepared and times to act, as evidenced by our:

  • Willingness to concentrate investments in our best ideas for the long term - 3 years, 5 years, and beyond
  • Discipline to not invest at times when patience is prudent
  • Conviction to invest with confidence when research and intrinsic value indicate the time is right
  • Cultivation of long-term relationships to source opportunities

We recognize that building something of value takes time and hard work.

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Like-minded investors are encouraged to contact us.