We are opportunistic.
There are times to be patient and prepared; there are other times to act.

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We apply our core investment philosophy – the thoughtful identification of undervalued investment opportunities – across asset classes to align our investment strategies with the flexibility investors desire. schutt capital logomark

Private Investment Partnership


A long-term investment partnership for accredited investors seeking a unique, concentrated portfolio of public and private investment exposure.

Individual Investment Accounts


Liquid accounts open to any investor seeking value investment management for long term returns.

Direct Private Investments


Opportunities for co-investment or investment participation by accredited investors in our proprietary real estate, loan participation, and other private investments.


Our Approach

Difficult to Replicate

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We offer clients an actively-managed investment portfolio defined by our research, opportunism, and relationship-driven sourcing. Our letters to investors and other writings provide insight into our investment ideas, holdings, and style. read our notes
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